Video to DVD Digital Conversions

VHS to DVD Transfers

Old VHS tapes sitting around gathering dust? Convert them to DVD or Digital files. We can convert any of the following video formats from their original format (VHS) to a new digital format (DVD or Hard Drive):

VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, 8mm, Digital 8, MiniDV, Betamax, BetaCam SP, U-matic, Super8 film



Your VHS to DVD transfer is in good hands. With our industrial grade, high-tech equipment, you can be confident knowing that your precious memories on VHS will be preserved at the best possible resolution on a new DVD! Unlike our competitors, we only use premium brand Taiyo-Yuden blank DVD discs, ensuring that any VHS to DVD copies we make will play perfectly!  We can even convert old faded videos with excellent results. In fact, we guarantee the VHS to DVD conversion will be as good as or better than your original VHS tapes! In addition to DVD, we can also convert your VHS videotapes to digital files on a hard drive, either in MP4, AVI, or MPEG-2.

VHS to DVD transfers will reserve those old family memories of weddings, birthdays, communions, anniversaries and other festive events caught on VHS. Now is the time to transfer those old VHS tapes to DVD and enjoy the memories on a format that won’t wear out or become obsolete in the near future.

If you have a large volume of VHS videos that need converting to DVD, please call us and find out about our substantial volume discounts at (416) 463-2674!